A Mother's Healthy Journey

Board game Design

Not a game when lives are on the line

A Mother's Healthy Journey is a board game based on a U.N. global issue: Maternal Mortality. By targeting United Nations' policymakers, this can create a more impactful message of providing the care and time for young mothers in developing countries. This game will display the journey of young mothers who have no access to family planning, sexual education, and even health facilities. The chances of getting help from a skilled birth attendant is very low. The objective of this game is to have a healthy and safe delivery, encouraging policymakers to push for more change. 

Persuade the U.N. to ensure all young mothers are able to access quality care and necessary resources to bring life into the world


Problem cards are capped at three and solution cards are capped at four. The solution cards are able to resolve problem cards, including Pregnancy and Delivery stage cards. Problem cards are common symptom and problems that young mothers encounter during pregnancy and delivery. The stage cards are the main causes of maternal death, which will have the appropriate Solution cards to resolve it.


Solution cards

Each player aims to reach for Safe Delivery and solve all problem cards within nine turns.