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Making healthcare more human-centered

At One Medical, my role consisted of extending the new rebrand developed by Moniker SF and preparing for the huge brand rollout that would impact the whole organization and most importantly, our members.

Create public-facing and internal assets that are cohesive and representative of One Medical’s mission values that center around treating humans, not illnesses.

A cohesive visual system of all things One Medical from introducing Instagram social stories to launch of collateral for our new pediatric service. Internally through the organization, we noticed fatigue in seeing our illustrations on most assets and quickly decided that we would need to use them more sparingly across content and platforms.

Instagram Story Social Icons
The brand strategy team proposed that we organize visual information efficiently through ‘bookmarking’ our different categories. We partnered with illustrator Charlotte Trounce to bring One Medical’s story to life.

IG Social Stories@4x-20.jpg

Direct Mail Campaign
Our purpose was to refresh our mailers with the new rebrand and raise awareness and gain new members within our key markets in New York, Los Angeles, San Jose, Phoenix, and Chicago.


New Pediatrics Service
With our new rebrand, means coming up with other new lockups that drive fresh new ideas. I did several stress tests of using different weights of our Ginto typeface paired with our main lockup for the best in contrast. We also kicked off Pediatrics Meet & Greet events in Tribeca and Park Slope, New York for expecting and seasoned parents to learn about care and the One Medical experience.

OM Pediatrics@300x-100.jpg
Pediatrics Social IG Stories@300x-100.jpg

Email Templates
It was time to take existing templates and expand them into our new brand and create four distinct functions for each. These related to transactions, client-specific, onboarding, and seasonal information emails. The templates went through a hard scrub down of keeping assets consistent with our new site and being as condensed with the copy as much as possible.

Emails 1@300x-100.jpg
Emails 2@300x-100.jpg

Co-branding Lockups
By partnering with other world-class specialists, we can deliver the best value and quality of healthcare experiences in those areas.

Cobranding Mockups@4x-20.jpg

New Careers Page Lockup
With One Medical growing at such a rapid rate, we needed to refresh our lockup and creating an accessible page for potential candidates.

Career Page Mockup@4x-20.jpg

One Medical Timeline

My role was to select and edit the best photos that complimented the long journey.


Internal Decks

I helped design a main slide deck for the organization when presenting to other internal-facing teams. I created the deck templates in Google Slides, Keynote, and Powerpoint. We also provided specific guidelines for using illustration and brand photography so the editing process is seamless across all platforms.


Creative Director — Chris Peel
Associate Creative Director — Natasha Foote
Director of Brand — Lindsay Belknap
Director of Online Marketing — Mark Gopez
Sr. Copywriter — Robyn Hoke
Marketing Project Manager — Caitlin Barry
Sr. Marketing Program Manager & Creative Producer — Tuomas Sahramaa
Social Media and Content Manager — Sacha Duchene
Enterprise Growth Marketing Lead — Sahana Ullagaddi
Sr. Marketing Manager, Customer Marketing — Karen Baker
Product Marketing Lead — Skylar Saffold
Sr. Marketing Manager — Rhianne Makovec
Designer — Nancy Hu

Created within the Creative Marketing Team at One Medical.