Brand / Exhibition Identity

SUBLIMINAL encourages viewers to ask questions about all forms of information that filter through the lens of the media in order to recognize multiple perspectives and form their own personal opinion. This exhibit reveals messages that lie beneath the surface with black light and invisible ink. Our goal is to give visitors the lasting desire to search for the truth instead of blindly accepting what others want them to believe. We all felt that there has been a sharp rise in certain social justice issues since the terrorist attacks on 9/11/2001, which led to our decision of displaying content regarding to that.

This is a group exhibition project that included 10 members of the BFA Graphic Design program at San José State University.

As branding lead, my role was to oversee the overall visual treatment of the exhibition. My team consist of six members in charge of logotype, poster, brochure, flyer, wayfinding, and promotion. Within these areas, I focused on the logotype, render sketches and how our exhibition would function as a system. In addition, we experimented on the brochure, from properly displaying the content of each piece to variation of brochure folds. My team helped collaborate on how the concept of hidden messages is portrayed through shapes, visual styles, and overall cohesivness. 



I wanted to create a logo that reflected perspectives of opinions and experimented with angles and shapes, and blurs. We felt the strongest was the minimal iteration that had missing pieces of the mark representing the hidden messages in media.

Promotional gif to showcase the darker tone of the exhibition

Promotional gif to showcase the darker tone of the exhibition

display board.jpg


We used triangles and the blacklight as our secondary element to represent a sense of curiosity and discovery. The dark purple hue imitates the flashlight shining to reveal the truth. Other treatments of the triangles symbolize the different opinions people have about the news and how there is depth in each person's perception.

To create more curiosity, we concealed hidden messages all around and spread blacklight flashlights around to create a lasting impression on how they reveal the truth.

Render sketches of complete exhibition

Scale model of complete exhibition

Promotional items for visitors to reference to the designs being displayed 


After visiting SUBLIMINAL, we hope that visitors leave with a feeling of curiosity and enlightenment. Our goal is that these feelings will stay with them long after they leave so that they will think more critically about what they hear and see. We wish for everyone to actively question the validity of media and other influential imagery by asking themselves, “How do I find the Truth?”

Team members: Sara Campos, Timothy Duong, Orizema Cruz, Linh Nguyen, My Chu, Sunha Shin, Tuan Nguyen, Tim Neece, and Leah Banks.

Photo credits: Lena Yen