Under the Lanterns

Brand & Identity system
3D Modeling

San José State University Design Program
Thesis Project


Unite communities through shared culture

Under the Lanterns is a hypothetical interactive exhibition showcasing the variety of Cantonese speakers in California. Each room adds to the unique nuances of Cantonese language, history, cuisine, and self-identity. This outcome aims to preserve Cantonese culture by celebrating the similarities despite migrating from a different region. Through research and surveys, I learned about many different ethnic groups within the Cantonese community in Northern California. I was able dive into their lives of immigrating to America, celebrating Chinese New Year, passing on tradition, as well as redeveloping identity. I developed more interest of my family’s history and see how important it is to be curious of traditions that will live on because of our own actions.


Senior Thesis Advisors
Connie Hwang, Professor & Chair at SJSU
Sik Lee Dennig, Lecturer & Coordinator of Cantonese Program at Stanford
Randall Sexton, Professor at SJSU

Completed as a final thesis project at San José State’s BFA Graphic Design Program.