Under the Lanterns

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Unite communities through shared culture

Under the Lanterns is a hypothetical interactive exhibition showcasing a variety of Cantonese speakers in California. Each room adds to the unique nuances of Cantonese language, history, cuisine, and self-identity. Through research and surveys, I learned about many different ethnic groups within the Cantonese community in Northern California. I was able to dive into their lives of immigrating to America, celebrating Chinese New Year, passing on the tradition, as well as redeveloping identity. I developed more interest in my family’s history and see how important it is to be curious about traditions that will live on because of our actions.

Preserve Cantonese culture by celebrating the similarities despite migrating from a different region


There is a large group of Cantonese immigrants in California, but we are not aware of the smaller communities within this mix who come from different countries aside from South China. To preserve culture, we can revive Cantonese history, language, cuisine, and identity through a memorable interactive exhibit.




Research Findings
Some families are not as integrated into their Cantonese culture after immigrating than others. Other families who immigrated from different countries besides China celebrate their other heritage as a combination with Cantonese heritage. Further research could lead up to observing how families who do the cultural hybridity well and see how does the culture exist in their lives. What do those families have in common and what do the families who struggle have in common? This was something I had to consider moving forward.








This has surprised me in the way it has changed my mind set about preserving culture in the past four and a half months. I learned about all the diverse types of people who spoke Cantonese and it was fascinating to be able to see the overlaying similarities and differences through cuisine and language. It led me to stick to my roots and fully embrace my culture. I want to be able to understand my culture more and through that be able to speak better and communicate with the rest of my family overseas. The beauty of diversity is in my culture and I am celebrating how far we have come as a community.


Special Thank You
My Mom—
for the constant support and being part of this learning process with me.

Chinese Cultural Center in San Francisco—
for floor plan and picture references.

Surveyed Participants—
for all the support and patience during the process.